Support by Email

If you would like to request technical support by email, please include the follwing information:

  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • E-mailAddress
  • Product Name
  • Version Number
  • Problem Description
  • OS/400 version
  • AS/400 Model
  • As/400 Serial Number
  • Windows Client Platform
  • Network Platform
  • Job-Logos
  • Includes Any attachments that you feel may provide assistance in resolving the problem.
  • Request technical support by Email

SpooliT Help

To view current help for SpooliT click here,SpooliT Help

Support via Phone

Free call in the USA and Canada

(1-888-SPOOL-i5) or

(1-888-SPOOL-45) or


Outside North America call


the following technical support documents are aviable for downloading.

What's new in the latest version of SpooliT? [.PDF][36kb]

SpooliT Help system,Manual,Installation setup & Configration Guide [.chm][17389kb]

Installation Notes and considerations guide.[.PDF][42kb]

Frequently asked questions

Visite over FAQ page

If you have any further questions regarding technical, issues please contact us